VAGRANT entered WS7 with new rear HDPE armour, new external cosmetic covering and, most importantly, super-grippy new Dycem non-slip tyres.


Unfortunately, Vagrant's departure from this contest was swift. In the first round we came up against Stagger, a very effective walker, and Anticyclone, a fearsome robot with a spinning blade weapon. Vagrant's balsa laminate ensured that Anticyclone couldnt do much damage, and some pushing was had with both robots. Unfortunately for Vagrant though, Anticyclone is a slightly better pusher so over the side we went.

For a first build robot, VAGRANT has proved itself to be one of the better armoured robots out there. Visitors to one of 2001's live events will have seen the robot dropkicked 30 feet across a carpark to demonstrate its robustness, a feat which caused some eyebrows to be raised. In its fighting career the robot has met two of the more scary robots on the circuit and sustained minimal damage.

VAGRANT: we might never win but we'll never be broken:)