How to make a SMIDSY flag

To make our trademark triangular banner, you will need:

  1. An A3 or A4 printout of the logo. A3 is bigger and better, but you'll probably need to get it done in an office.
  2. An old wire coat hanger. This is an ideal opportunity to buy some nice wooden ones instead.
  3. Sellotape (other sticky tapes are available)
  4. Scissors. Less experienced Roboteers (this means you, children!) should get an adult to assist/supervise as necessary.

First off, take the printed logo and admire it. This isn't strictly necessary, but we spent some time making it look nice, so it might as well have as much retina time as possible.

Now cut all around the outer edge. This is marked with a little pair of scissors at the top to make sure you know which one we mean.

Turn the paper over and fold back the edges along the dotted lines.

Take the wire coat hanger and squash it to fit inside the triangle. I should take this opportunity to close up the hook too, so you can use it as a handle more easily.

Place the coat hanger onto the paper, fold the folded parts over the back and tape into place.

Ta-daaah! You now have a completed Smidsy banner and fan - cos it gets very hot under the lights. Enjoy it. Be the envy of your friends.