Completed VAGRANT

From a drive unit made from a pair of stripped down servos and a receiver board, Vagrant has now emerged as a finished antweight robot. A basic chassis and wheels were made from laminated balsa, internal armour was made from polycarbonate sheet and external sacrificial armour was made from HDPE sheet. The wheels were secured with 25mm M3 bolts which protrude to the maximum 4 inch width to provide a self righting capability in the event of the robot being tipped on its side. The finishing touch is the Vagrant logo on a paper cosmetic cover.


The photo below shows Vagrant before cosmetic painting and covering. The whole robot weighs in at an indicated 149g, however this is yet to be confirmed on a calibrated laboratory balance.


How about Vagrant's chances? As has been mentioned before, this robot is not going to set the world on fire! Its 2 channel radio and heavy cheap servos mean that there is not much space for a weapon. However it is adequately armoured, completely invertable and as a wedge it can be quite an effective weapon in its own right.

Vagrant- a first competitive antweight robot.