Robin's first ANT weight robot. This was to give me an idea of what can be done the easy way, and so we had more than one ant in the stable so we can fight them at the next IxiRobotWarrior get-together.

It's two cheap hitec servos, modifed by soldering two 2k2 resistors in place of the pot, knocking the stop out of the pot and cutting the pot off the output gear. Then the two servos were stuck together with double sided tape. The receiver and a NiCad 9v PP3 battery were stuck on with more double sided tape. I'm not sure how long the servos will last at 9v but that's why I'm using cheap servos in an experimental robot first...

The wheels are TechNet CDs, cut down to 95mm by melting the edge off with a soldering iron, with elastic bands superglued around the edge for tyres. They are stuck to the normal output disk of the servos with - you guessed it - more double sided tape.