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Read SMIDSY's 2002 preview - Friday February 22nd 10:09
2001 was a good year for SMIDSY and we've come out of it with a very competitive robot. Read our preview of SMIDSY for 2002 for details of what improvements we plan to make to SMIDSY this year and how we intend to build on the achievements of 2001.

SMIDSY appears in the Robot Wars Extreme book - Saturday November 10th 19:53
Here's our page

New antweight website for the SMIDSY team - Friday October 5th 9:00
For a while now some of the SMIDSY team have been interested in the antweight class of fighting robots. These minature machines have all the agression of heavyweights like SMIDSY but all in a 150g platform which must fit in a 4 inch cube. At time of writing the SMIDSY team members have produced 3 antweights, VAGRANT, RANT and PAC-2.

You can get to our antweight website by clicking on the "Ants" link at the bottom of the page or by going to http://www.smidsy.net/ants.

SMIDSY gets hammered at the Brighton Live event - Monday September 24th 21:05
SMIDSY went to the live event at St. John's primary school in WhileHawk, Brighton. We were up against Terrorhurtz, who was smashing chunks out of the playground surface with every blow of his mighty chopper. We weren't allowed to use our disk because the arena wall was only a wire fence so all we could do was ram, push and try to avoid being hit anywhere expensive. Appart from that it was a great event with lots of good robots, a great commentry from the Plunderbird team and plenty of action.

SMIDSY prods buttock at Robot Wars 2001 - Thursday August 30th 8:59
We've just returned from filming the 5th Robot Wars and we did even better than last year. We'll be in the very first program when it's screened but we're not giving anything away about who won what so here are some photos from the pits.

  • Team Photo
  • Our bench in the pits (note Beast in the background, and a trio of sweaty T-shirts being aired!)

    Other robots in our heat

  • The Steel Avenger (complete with breast plates and feather dusters)
  • 86A5T (Beast)

    Old Friends

  • The new improved Derek, with yet more CNC milled aluminium.
  • Mortalis (They were called Immortalis until they met SMIDSY at Sheffield Arena ;-)
  • The new Kronic the Wedgehog


  • Metal Oaf (The Bot out of Hell)
  • Reactor

  • RW series 5 filming under way - Tuesday August 28th 16:02
    As this news article is being written, SMIDSY is down at Borehamwood taking part in the filming of Robot Wars Series 5. At the moment I'm unsure how much I can give away but I can reveal that SMIDSY is still in the competition and is scheduled to meet a big name robot in a later bout. Best of luck, lads!!

    Site update: New front page shows the latest SMIDSY - Thursday August 23rd 21:37
    Seasoned SMIDSY-watchers will have noticed that the front page of our site has looked a little out of date lately, showing as it did the original SMIDSY from 1999. Well now you will find a brand new picture of the latest incarnation of SMIDSY on the front page, complete with the fearsome new disk weapon.

    SMIDSY filming date confirmed as the 26th of August - Friday August 17th 10:55
    Word has come through from the organisers of the Robot Wars TV show that SMIDSY is confirmed as filming on the 26th of August. We knew filming was going to be that week, but now we have a day to work towards it means that this weekend's final work has to be spot-on.

    Pre-filming last-minute tweaks under way - Tuesday August 14th 15:03
    Last weekend saw SMIDSY completely stripped down in a pre-filming buildfest. The object of the exercise was to rebuild the side armour, reinforce the mountings for the disks and repair a few minor damaged areas left over from Robot Wars Live and Robot Wars Extreme. The disks were treated to 10mm of tungsten carbide on the teeth by Penistone Hard Metals in Sheffield last week, and considerable effort was spent at the weekend to sharpen this. We were taking less than 1mm of carbide away but it took a hell of a lot of grinding, that stuff is HARD!

    We'll have another session next weekend to be certain but that's the robot more or less ready at competition spec!

    RW Series 5 filming, and we're seeded! - Monday August 6th 14:58
    Here we are again just before Robot Wars filming, and this time we find we're seeded 24th!
    Filming for Series 5 of UK Robot Wars begins on August 26th, our entry has been confirmed. There should be 96 entries this year, and our seeding means that SMIDSY makes it into the top quarter of all the entrants. Let's hope we live up to it!

    Read our Robot Wars Live Sheffield report - Saturday August 4th 10:33
    SMIDSY went to Sheffield for Robot Wars Live last weekend. We had a STORMING weekend with 3 bouts against 7 other robots. Read all about it HERE.

    Cut-n-Glue SMIDSY model ready for download - Tuesday July 24th 17:40
    Build your own SMIDSY using only paper and glue! Find full instructions and a downloadable pattern at this web page. Go on - Get SMIDSY now!

    SMIDSY to appear in Robot Wars Live! - Tuesday July 24th 17:37
    SMIDSY is scheduled for an appearance in the Robot Wars Live tour when it reaches Sheffield on July 28th 2001. More details can be found at http://www.robotwars.co.uk/rwlive/.

    Automated SMIDSY web site unveiled - Sunday June 17th 18:00
    As SMIDSY himself is being prepared for battle, it makes sense to pay some attention to this site in preparation for any visitors who may see the URL on the side of the 'bot when it appears on TV.

    What you see here is the result of a re-write of the code that sits behind the site, to make it easier for us to upload new content to the site and keep the visitor informed. We hope you find the site interesting.


    Slaithwaite buildfest April 2001 - Monday April 30th 22:45

    SMIDSY was dismembered

    We did some work

    The rolling chassis

    SMIDSY T-shirts for sale - Monday January 22nd 16:55
    Justin is organising a batch of SMIDSY t-shirts.
    See his web page for details of what they look like, how much they cost and how to order them.

    Techno-wizards to cheer on their creation in TV's Robot Wars - Wednesday January 17th 19:13
    We didn't get a photo this time, but the reporting was a little less 'inventive' ;-) newspaper article Robin

    SMIDSY misrepresented in the local rag - shock horror probe - Wednesday January 17th 19:10
    My first attempt to raise some support through the local paper wasn't terribly helpful due to 'slightly' inaccurate reporting. Biker declares 'It's War!'

    SMIDSY throws salt in the ring this Friday - Thursday October 12th 22:08
    Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, there's a full moon out there so horror must be in the air! Yes, you've guessed it, SMIDSY's on the TV tomorrow, competing in the sumo round of the UK Robot Wars show.
    BBC 2, 6:45PM, don't miss it!!

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