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SMIDSY's past competitions Brighton live event 2001 Robot Wars Live 2001 at Sheffield Arena SMIDSY's Sumo bout with Shunt in Robot Wars 2000 Robot Wars 2000 - the fourth war. Qualifying for Robot Wars 2000 Preparations for Robot Wars 2000 The lessons from Robot Wars '99 Robot Wars 1999 About SMIDSY Why SMIDSY? A preview from the 2002 season Pictures from SMIDSY's 2001 buildfests A preview from the 2001 season About the original SMIDSY's design SMIDSY general FAQ SMIDSY technical FAQ A new robot sport? SMIDSY surfing! SMIDSY Fan Club corner Build your own Cut-n-Glue SMIDSY model Make your own SMIDSY flag! Contact SMIDSY, General enquiries., Webmaster.

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